Ordering medication


Most of the drugs that you will order from the practice are prescription only drugs.



Antibiotics e.g. Norodine Granules, Penicillin

Anti-inflammatories e.g. Phenylbutazone (bute), Danilon

Sedatives e.g. Sedalin, Domosdedan gel

Antibiotic eye ointment


To acquire prescription only drugs it is a legal requirement for vet permission to be obtained in all instances. Please contact one of our office staff who will be happy to contact a vet on your behalf at the earliest convenience to obtain authorization for these to be issued and will process this request.


For horses with long standing conditions that have not been seen within a 6 month period by one of our vets, a re-examination may be required, although we understand this at times can cause inconvenience, this is to check that the best interests of your horse/horses are being met.



Clients wishing to purchase drugs from the categories above from online company’s or local chemist will need to obtain a prescription. In order to obtain a prescription please contact the office, giving at least 48 hours’ notice, there is a charge of £8.50. This will have to be approved by one of our vets.


Wormers and non-prescription drugs

The practice carrier a reasonable stock of wormers, medicated shampoos and oral supplements (such as vitamins and joint) we are happy to supply these to customers. If you wish to obtain any advice please contact the vet or look for information online. 

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