Update as of 30/10/20:

Covid-19 Policy Home Farm Equine Ltd - Nottingham Tier 3 Restrictions


  • Anyone displaying any symptoms or anyone that has been required to isolate must not attend the appointment, we can examine the horse, and then contact the owner by telephone in this situation to discuss appropriate treatment.
  • On making an appointment, our office staff will ask that all people handling the horse are wearing a mask and have used antibacterial hand gel.
  • Where possible, limit to  one person per horse/several horses to reduce exposure to a large amount of people in the vicinity of the vet.
  • We ask that, where possible, yards display a QR code for NHS track and trace to allow vets to scan in when arriving at a yard.
  • Vets will wear a mask, and use antibacterial spray on equipment before and after use.
  • Social distancing guidelines should be followed at all times, unless the need to restrain the horse decreases this distance.
  • Unless welfare of the animal is at risk our vets can refuse to attend any appointment where these safety measures are not being followed.


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